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Chapter 1

1Paul, an apostle of Jesus Christ according to a command of a God a Saviour of us and of Christ Jesus, the hope of us, 2to Timothy, a true child by faith; grace, mercy and peace from Father God and Jesus Christ the Lord of us. 


Warning Against False Teachers


3As I persuaded you, going to Macedonia, stay at Ephesus, in order that you might have instructed certain persons not to teach a different doctrine, 4nor to consider folktales and to endless histories of descendants, these promote controversies rather than a stewardship of a God which involves faith, 5the outcome of the command is love out of a sincere heart and a good conscience, and unmoved faith, 6who some, having deviated, have turned away to trivial talking, 7desiring to be law-teachers not even understanding concerning the things they passionately confirm.

8Now we know that the law is useful, for one if used lawfully, 9knowing this, that law is not constituted for a righteous one, but for ungodly and wayward, for wicked and sinners, for unholy and scorners, for parricides and matricides for men slayers, 10for harlots, for sodomites, for kidnappers, for deceivers, for perjurers and if anything else contrary to sound teaching, 11according to the glad tidings of the glorious working of the same blessed God, the One by whom I was entrusted.


Christ Jesus Came to Save Sinners


Damascus Road

“I am Jesus whom thou persecutest: it is hard for thee to kick against the pricks. “

12And I have gratitude towards Christ Jesus, the Lord of me, for having empowered me, because He counted me faithful, putting me into the ministry—13the one formerly being a blasphemer and a persecutor and sadistic. But I received mercy, seeing that being ignorant I did it in a state of unbelief. 14But the grace of the Lord of us was superabundant with a firm assurance and devotedness for Christ Jesus. 15Faithfull and worthy of all acceptance, the saying, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners, of whom I am chief. 16Nevertheless because of this I obtained pardon and forgiveness, in order that by me as foremost sinner Jesus Christ might demonstrate the endless patience, as a pattern to those being about to believe on Him for life everlasting. 17Yea to the King of the ages, immortal, invisible, a matchless all-wise God, honour and glory to the ages of the ages! Amen.


18Timothy child, the guideline that I entrust thee in keeping with the foregoing prophecies concerning thee that thou mayest exert yourself for them the victorious campaign 19having a firm persuasion and an upright conscience, which some having pushed aside and made shipwreck as to the faith. 20Among these are Hymeneus and Alexander, whom I did deliver to the Enemy to be taught not to denounce.


Chapter 2


Prayers for All People


        1Therefore I urge most important of all to initiate pleas, places of prayers, intercessions, thanksgivings on behalf of all men; 2concerning kings and all those being in authority, so that we may live a peaceful and a tranquil life style with all devoutness and dignity.


        3This being good and acceptable in the sight of a Redeemer the God of us, 4who wishes all people to be lead to a way of salvation and converted to a full knowledge of revealed truth.


There was no ‘Ram in the Thicket’ as was in the Case of Isaac, Gen 22:13

Our ‘Redeemer’, God the Father [1Pet 1:19], so loved the world that He was prepared to send Jesus as payment; Jesus died the death that Adam should have died.


        5For one God, even one Mediator between a God and people, a Man Christ Jesus, 6the One having given Himself in place of a beyond measure ransom, the  testimony for all generations 7to which I was appointed a herald and a bearer of a message, I mean to say a divine revealed truth for Christ, I lie not, a teacher of Gentiles for a firm assurance even a love for truth.  


        8Consequently I would have the men to offer prayer at all occasions, lifting up holy hands without irritation even strife. 9In like manner even the women I would have to dress dignified, with modesty and discretion, not with braided hair or gold ornaments or pearls or a costly garment. 10But still more, it goes well with women professing to have reverence for a God, by means of virtuous behaviours.


        11A woman in silent attention to learn in all subjection, 12yea not to permit a woman to speak in a public assembly neither have authority of a husband, but to be in silent attention. 13To wit Adam was formed first, then Eve. 14Now Adam was not seduced into error, but the wife having been deceived in a transgression became.


        15In spite of it she will be preserved save and unharmed whilst subjected to the giving birth to children if she and her husband continued in a firm conviction and devotedness and moral purity with that of a sound mind. 


Chapter 3


Qualifications for Overseers


        1Faithful the expression: ‘If one has a desire of eldership, of a good office he desires. 2It therefore behoveth the overseer to be blameless, a husband of one wife, sober-minded, unshakable, hospitable, educator, 3no drinker, not aggressive, not fraudulent, but level-headed, tolerant, generous, 4ruling the household dwelling effectually, having had children endowed with submissiveness, with complete seriousness.


        5Now, if one had not known how the own household to govern, in what manner a congregation of a God be able to take care of; 6neither a new convert, lest having been puffed up to fall into an undesirable verdict of the slanderer. 7Now, he must even have worthy evidence from the outsiders, lest into condemnation he had sunk even an ambush of the devil.


Qualifications for Deacons


        8Deacons likewise self-respectful, not double-tongued, nor being addicted to much wine, neither corruptible, 9having the knowledge of the faith with a spotless conscience. 10Therefore let them first be put to proof, thereupon serve as deacons, being blameless. 11Wives likewise dignified, not teachers, prudent, right-minded in all matters.

            12Deacons be husbands of one woman, managing children becomingly even own households. 13For becomingly for those having served well gain themselves a worthy grade and much confidence for belief in the Christ Jesus.


The Mystery of Godliness


            14These things writing you having hoped more quickly with you to converse, 15but if I am delayed in order that you may know by what means it behoves to behave in a house of a God, which is an assembly of a living God, a pillar even a foundation of the truth.


            16Likewise, confessedly, great is the doctrine of the worthy One; a God revealed in human form, justified as to spirit, observed by angels, proclaimed to mankind, believed by earth’s inhabitants and taken up to glory.


Chapter 4


Some Will Depart from the Faith


             1But the Spirit clearly declares that from future generations some will drift away from this assurance giving heed to deceiving spirits even to doctrines of evil spirits. 2Of double-tongue hypocrisy, sizzling their own conscience, 3a forbidding of marriages, to abstain from foods which the God called into being to partake with a grateful heart by those who are believers and have come to know the truth.

A Good Servant of Christ Jesus


            4For everything originated of a God is good and nothing objectionableness being received after thankfulness’s 5for it is dedicated by a word of a God and a request. 6Instructing these things to the siblings thou will be a devoted minister of Jesus Christ, being nourished by the words of the faith and the worthy doctrine to which thou hast attained. 7On the other hand avoid the irreverent and illogical tales rather discipline thyself towards devotion.


            8As for the body discipline it only profits a little, but the devotion has value in every respect having a promise of a life at the present time even of the coming; 9trustworthy this statement and worthy of complete acceptance. 10For, to this end we both faint of weariness and strife, because we have confidence in a living God, who is a deliverer of all people, especially of them that believe. 11These same things command and teach.


            12No one to despise the youth of you, rather become a good example of the devoted disciple in doctrine, in behaviour, in commitment, by enthusiasm, by a steadfast spirit, in truthfulness. 13Until I come observe the reading, by the encouraging, by the teaching. 14Be not careless of the endowment in thee, which was given thee, through prophecy together with the laying on of the hands of the presbytery.


15These things meditate; be dedicated to them in order that the evidence of your devotion may be evident to all. 16Pay serious attention to thyself and the teaching, continue in them. For in doing this you will save both yourself and the ones understanding you.”


Chapter 5


Instructions for the Church


1Do not have an aged person reprimanded, rather encourage like as a father, as a father would his sibling believers, 2Aged women as like a mother, as a mother would her sibling believers arrayed with all respect. 3Do manifest consideration towards the really bereft. 4However, if a widow has children or grandchildren, let them first acquire a habit to be dutiful towards the own family household even render quittance to the parents; for this is delightful and acceptable in the eyes of the God. 5On the other hand the truly bereft and having been left alone unburdens her heart to the God and perseveres in the pleas and the devotions night and day; 6but the one living luxuriously—hath died. 7These things therefore make known so that they may be without reproach. 8But if someone does not provide for the ones of his own and especially those of the family unit hath renounced the faith and is worse than a pagan.


9Allow a widow definitely not being less than of sixty years to enrol, a wife of one man, 10bearing witness of good deeds, if she had reared a family, if she had exercised hospitality, if she had washed saint’s feet, if she had assisted afflicted, if she had devoted herself to good deeds.


11However, decline a younger widow for when they had become discarded of the spiritual privileges, they are inclined to marry, 12having an adverse judgement since their prior pledge they had set aside.

13And also comparatively not busy they learn drifting around the houses, and not only unoccupied but also gossips and nuisances, saying things not fitting. 14For this reason I encourage a more youthful to marry, to rear a family, to manage a household, not one giving an opportunity to the enemy in respect of ridicule. 15For already some had become followers of the adversary. 16If any male believer or woman believer have bereaved, have that one be an encouragement for them, and let not the church be burdened, so that the truly bereaved may be encouraged.


17Let the elders governing becomingly be of double honour worthily, most of all those being faint from weariness by mere talk and precept. 18For the Scripture says, ‘An ox treading shall not be muzzled,’ and the workman worthy of the reward of him. 19Do not accept an accusation against an elder if not upon the authority of two or three witnessing. 20The sinning ones you must unreservedly rebuke before all, in order that the rest also may have respect. 21My sincere request in the presence of the God and of a Lord Jesus Christ and the dearly loved messengers, in order that these things be made known without prejudgement doing nothing by way of partiality.


22Lay hands on no one hastily, nor shear in sins of others; keep yourself blameless. 23No more be a water-drinker, rather make use of a little wine on account of the stomach of yours and the frequent illnesses of yours.


24The sins of man individuals are conspicuous, reaching an adverse sentence ahead of them, but for others they indeed follow them there. 25Similarly even the good deeds they are clear, but those which are not so obvious cannot be kept secret.”


Chapter 6


False Teachers and True Contentment


                   1Let as many who are servitudes under a yoke count the masters of them worthy of all honour, for fear that the name of the God and the message be discredited. 2Let them having a believing master not despise them seeing that they are siblings; but rather be more devoted, because they are believers and worthy of love they being the recipients of the good service. Teach and require these things.


                   3If anyone teaches a different teaching that consenteth not to the sayings of the Lord of us Jesus Christ and to the wholesome teaching of Him, 4he has become conceited, comprehending nothing, but has an unhealthy craving of arguments and disputes, from which comes ill feelings, fighting, blaspheming, suspicions, evil theorising, 5controversies of individuals being utterly corrupt as to the state of mind even being deprived of the love of the truth, supposing faithful dedication being a source of gain. From such like withdraw thyself.


             6However, the dedication with a frame of mind viewing one’s lot as sufficient, is great gain, 7for we brought nothing into the world; neither are we able to carry anything out. 8Even having foods and clothes, for these we will be satisfied. 9But those desiring to be rich fall into a temptation to sin even a deception and many unwise and hurtful lusts, which cause the people to sink into destruction and eternal ruin. 10For the love of money is in all respect a cause of these miseries and of their own will, strayed from the faith to many sorrows.


Fight the Good Fight of Faith

              11But thou, O man of a God, flee these very things; and pursue praiseworthiness, devotion, truthfulness, love, endurance, forbearance. 12Fight the good contest of the faith, having taken hold of the eternal life, whereunto thou wast summoned and did declare openly a good declaration of the faith in the presence of many witnessing. 13In the presence of the God the One preserving alive the masses and of Christ Jesus the One who before Pontius Pilate presented a good declaration of the faith; 14having kept the commandment without stain I solemnly charge thee to announce it free of criticism till the appearance of the Lord of us Jesus Christ. 15Which in its own fitting seasons will announce the blessed and only Monarch. The King of the ruling kings and a Lord of the governing lords; 16He alone possessing everlasting-life, indwelling an unapproachable light, of which humans none had seen neither been able to see; to Him be honour and everlasting dominion: Amen.

                   17As for the rich in this present age tell them not to be proud neither have confidence in respect of uncertain wealth but upon the living God, the One holding out to us richly all things for enjoyment, 18to donate gains, overflowing in well-doings, to be charitable, 19treasuring away for themselves a good foundation with a view to the lingering future so that they may have appropriated of the eternal life.


             20O Timothy, keep the deposit guarded, avoiding the unholy fruitless discussions and controversies of the so called falsely knowledge; which some promising to undertake concerning the faith have stumbled. The grace is with thee: Amen.









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