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Chapter 1




1Paul, a spokesperson of an anointed Jesus, at the pleasure of a God in keeping with an announcement of the life by means of an anointed Jesus, 2to Timothy a beloved child; grace, mercies, peace from of Father God and of an anointed Jesus the Lord of us.


Guard the Deposit Entrusted to You


3I have gratitude toward the God whom I worship with a clean conscience as of my forefathers as I unceasingly have the remembrance of thee night and day in the prayers of mine, 4calling to mind the tears of thee, longing to have seen thee, so that I may have been filled with joy; 5having a recollection of the sincere commitment in thee, which dwelt firstly in Lois the grandmother of thee and in Eunice the mother of thee and I have been persuaded that it exists also in thee. 6For this reason let me remind thee to kindle anew the gift of the God which is in you by the laying on of the hands of mine, 7for the God did not give us a spirit of faintheartedness, but of effectiveness and of devotedness and of wiseness.

8Likewise thou had not been ashamed of the teaching of the Lord of us nor of me the prisoner of Him, nevertheless remain enduringly devoted to this good news by the power of the God, 9the One having brought us within the way of salvation and having called us for a dedicated purpose, not according to the works of us, but according to his intention and pleasure, which having been granted to us by Christ Jesus before times of epochs, 10on the other hand having been made plain at this time by means of the advent of the Saviour of us Jesus Christ, having abolished on one hand the mortality, on the other having made known life even immortality by means of the gospel 11to which I was appointed a preacher even an apostle and a teacher of non-Jewish. 12On this account I also endure these things, but I am not ashamed, for I know in Whom I have believed, and I have been persuaded that He is able to have guarded the down payment of mine until that D-day. 13An example of being sound teachings thou have which thou have heard from me, alongside faith and love accompanied by the Christ Jesus; 14that good down payment guard by that indwelling holy spirit within us.


15This thou knowest, that everyone in the Asia, have deserted me, of whom is Phygellus even Hermogenes.16May the Lord have granted mercy on the household of Onesiphorus, since he frequently encouraged me not even ashamed of the chains of mine; 17on the contrary, having arrived in Rome he eagerly searched and found me. 18May the Lord have granted to him mercy from a Jehovah in that D-day; and in how many ways in Ephesus he helped thou knowest very well.


Chapter 2


The Father had not given us a ‘spirit of faintheartedness’


        1Thou then, child of me, be inspired by that charitable act by that One, Christ Jesus, 2and what thou hast heard from me by way of many witnesses, these be intrusted to trustworthy men, who will be knowledgeable that others too can be trained. 3Thou too had endured in trials as a praiseworthy warrior of Jesus Christ. 4No one soldiering is interested in the matters of the livelihood, in order that he pleased the one having enlisted him. 5Even if one strives to be a champion in the public games he is not crowned unless he participated by the book. 6It is fitting for the hardworking farmer firstly of the crops to partake. 7Be concerned about what I say, for the Lord will grant thee discernment in respect of all these questions.


Yet Paul still grieves for his kinsfolk


        8Do be mindful of Jesus Christ, from seed of David, having been raised out of death, according to the gospel of mine, 9in honour of which I suffer hostility even to chains as a criminal, however the message of the God has by no means been hindered. 10For this cause, I endure all things for the sake of the elect, that also they could have attained of the deliverance of an anointed Jesus together with eternal glory. 11Trustworthy the saying, “For if we died together with Him, we will also co-exist in life with Him: 12If we persevere, we will also reign with Him: if we disown, He also will disown us: 13if we are unfaithful, He remains faithful, He is not able to have turned his back on Himself. 14Remind them of these things firmly charging in the presence of the Lord not to argue about trivial matters, useful for nothing, rather an overthrow of those listening.


15Remain focused to demonstrate thyself a workman presented to the God without cause of shame, rightly dividing the message of the truth. 16Moreover, avoid the unholy fruitless discussions: for they will be a forerunner to greater ungodliness. 7Even the mere talk of them will worm its way as like gangrene; of whom is Hymenaeus also Philetus, 18who have kept silent concerning the truth, saying the resurrection has occurred and overthrow the faith of some. 19Nevertheless the firm foundation of the God stands, bearing the following engraving, “A Jehovah recognised the ones being of Him,” and, “Let everyone acknowledging the name of a Jehovah be turned away from wickedness.”


        20Now in a most splendid house there is not only vessels golden and silvern, but also wooden and of earthen ware, some to admiration but some to shamefulness. 21Consequently if one has cleansed him/her from these latter things; he/she will be an instrument of value, having been purified and highly useful for the Owner, unto every praiseworthy work. 22However, flee the youthful aspirations; rather pursue virtue, faithfulness, devotedness, unity with those calling on the Lord out of an upright heart.


23On the other hand avoid the unfounded and pointless discussions, knowing that they give rise to conflict, 24also it is not fitting for an enslaved of an owner to quarrel, on the contrary to be gentle towards all, a teacher, tolerant, 25in submissiveness cautioning those opposing, if by chance the God may have given them a change in frame of mind with a view to an acknowledgment of truth,26and regained  their clear-headedness out of the snare of the devil, having been taken captive by him to do the will of him.


Chapter 3


Godlessness in the Last Days


1Know this also, that to latter days merciless times will be at hand; 2for the people will be self-centred, money-oriented, swollen-headed, puffed-up, foulmouthed, insubordinate to parents, ungrateful, ungodly, 3loveless, truce-breakers, slanders, uncontrolled, aggressive, unkind, 4betrayers, careless, having been overcome with fumes of deceit, lovers of pleasure in preference to lovers of the God, 5having a form of devotion, but having denied the power thereof: even avoid them.


6For amidst these are those entering the households and capturing little women being loaded by sins, being led away by various impure desires, 7forever influenced but never been able to fathom divine truth. 8And, even as Jannes and Jambres opposed Moses, so also these oppose the truth: men—the understanding having been corrupted; failures concerning the faith. 9But they will proceed no further: for the lack of their understanding will be obvious to all, as also that of theirs became.


All Scripture Is Breathed Out by God


10But thou hast conformed to the teaching of mine, the way of life, the dedication, the intention, the conviction, the forbearance, the concern, the zeal, 11the persecutions, the hardships, what things transpired to me in Antioch, in Iconium, in Lystra; what kind of maltreatment I experienced: yet out of all the Lord rescued me.


12Yes, indeed, all those desiring to live righteously for Christ Jesus will suffer persecution: 13but evil men and seducers will advance towards the worst, deceiving and being deceived. 14But thou cling to which thou didst learn and been assured of, knowing from whom thou didst learn, 15and seeing that from being a child thou knowest the sacred Writings, the ones being able to make thee wise as to an opportunity for redemption by means of the faith of an anointed Jesus.


16All Writings God-breathed and is helpful with reference to doctrine, for contradiction, for correction, for instruction as to the righteousness, 17in order that the man of the God may be ready for every good work having been thoroughly equipped.



Capture 4


Preach only the Word


1I therefore make a solemn appeal, in the presence of the God and the Lord Jesus Christ, of the One being about to judge living and dead in keeping with the appearance of Him and the kingdom of Him; 2you proclaimed the message, you persisted seasonably unseasonably, you rebuked, you reprimanded, you pleaded with all long-suffering even instruction.


3However a season will be when the being sound-doctrine teaching will not be permitted, more still, according to the desires that to themselves they will search out in abundance teachers tickling the ear. 4And on the one hand they will turn away the ear from the truth, on the other to the fables be turned away. 5But thou be clear-thinking in all respects, been concerned, carried out a function of an evangelist the ministry of you having completely fulfilled. 

Guarded the faith

However, a season will be when the being sound-doctrine teaching will not be permitted

6For I’m already being ‘sacrificed’ in the cause of the Gospel, and the time of the departure of me is at hand. 7I have participated in the contest, the worthy, I have completed the course, I have guarded the faith: 8There is now set aside for me the wreath of the confirmation, with which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will reimburse me at D-day, and not only to me—but also to all who have eagerly awaiting the arrival of Him.


Personal Instructions

9Exert thyself to come to me speedily, 10for Demas having loved the present age abandoned me, and went to Thessalonica, Crescens to Galatia, Titus to Dalmatia, 11only Luke is with me. Having taken Mark on board bring with thyself, for he is highly profitable as a help. 12Furthermore I sent Tychicus to Ephesus. 13The cloak, which I left at Troas with Carpus, at your coming, bring, along with the scrolls, most of all the sheepskin documents. 14Alexander the metalworker displayed many evils towards me; may the Lord reward to him according to his works; 15also, whom thou to be on guard for he has greatly withstood the message of us.


16At the first defence of mine no one supported me, indeed all deserted me; may it not be held against them. 17But the Lord of me stood with even empowered me, that by me the message might be fulfilled, and all the Gentiles would hear, and I was delivered from a mouth of an adversary. 18The Lord will deliver me from every evil attack even safe and sound into the kingdom—the heavenly—of Him; to Him the glory unto the ages of the ages! Amen         


Final Greetings


        19“Express good wishes to Priscilla and Aquila and the family of Onesiphorus. 20Erastus remained at Corinth, but Trophimus left behind at Miletus ailing. 21Make haste to come before winter. Eubulus greets you and Pudens and Linus and Claudia and all the brothers. 22The Lord Jesus Christ together with the spirit of you. The grace with you! Amen.

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