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The Epistle to the Ephesians

Chapter 1




            1Paul, an apostle of Jesus Christ by a decree of a God, to the saints of Jesus in Ephesus and faithful to an Anointed; 2grace to you and harmony from Father God of us and of a Lord Jesus Christ.


Spiritual Blessings due to Christ: The receiving of a holy spirit


clip_image0023Worthy of praise the God and Father of the Lord Jesus Christ of us, the One having blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenlies by means of Christ, 4since He chose us through Him before a commencement of a universe us to be holy and unblemished before Him, in love 5having foreordained us with a view to adoption by Jesus Christ to Himself, according to the intension of the will of Him 6as a tribute of honour of the gracious provision of Him, with which He favoured us by the One being loved  7by Whom we have the release by ransom through the blood of Him, the forgiveness of the trespasses of us, according to the abundant blessings of the grace of Him, 8which He caused to abound unto us for all wisdom even insight, 9having made known to us the mystery of the mind of Him according to the intension of Him which He purposed for Himself 10with a view to a dispensation of the fulness of the times to have summed up all the things for the Christ, that of the heavens and that of the earth for Him, 11in Whom we [the Jews?] have also obtained a share having been foreordained according to a predetermination of the One working all things according to the purpose of the will of Him, 12for the purpose that we should be to a praise of His glory, the ones first trusting on the Christ: 13on whom ye also having heard the doctrine of the truth, the good news of the deliverance of you, on whom you also having believed, you were safeguarded by the spirit of the promise even the holy spirit, 14which is a token of the inheritance of us, until a redemption of the ransomed ones, unto an honour paid of the glories works of Him.  


Thanksgiving and Prayer: Jesus, who knew no sin was made sin on our behalf but, was raised from death.


15Therefore even I too, having heard of the faith in the Lord Jesus among you and the love that to all the saints, 16cease not giving thanks concerning you to make mention of you in the prayers of me, 17that the God of the Lord of us Jesus Christ, the Father of the glory, would have given you a spiritual enlightenment as to a knowledge of Him, 18having the eyes of the heart of you been enlightened, for you to have the knowledge what is the prospect of the invitation of Him, what the abundant blessings of the future state of bliss of the inheritance of Him, 19and what the exceeding greatness of the miraculous power of Him toward us the one’s believing according to the operation of the strength of the power of Him, 20which He performed for the Christ when raising Him from death, and He seated Him at his right in the heavenlies:

21Abundantly above all authority and dictators and deity and authority and every name being named not only for the present age, but also for the age being about to come 22even all things He subjected beneath the feet of Him and He appointed Him dominance in all respects for the church, 23which is the body of Him, the abundance of the One that is fulfilling all things.


Chapter 2

By grace trough faith: Even as the sin reigned to the death, so also grace leads unto the everlasting life


1And you being dead to the trespasses and to the sins, 2in which you once walked according to the ways of this world, according to the ruler of the monarch of the air of the spirit now working in the children of the unbelief, 3among whom we all also conducted our lives then for the impure desires of the flesh of us, fulfilling the desires of the flesh and of the senses, and we were by nature children of wrath, even as the rest—4But the God rich being as to mercy, because of the great love of Him with which He loved us 5even us being dead to the trespasses He raised us up together by the Christ; being saved is by grace 6and He raised us up together even made us to sit down together in the heavenlies by way of Christ Jesus 7in order that He may display in the ages that are coming the exceeding riches of the grace of Him by a kind-heartedness towards us through Christ Jesus.


Indeed a ‘New Creation’: For as that One is, so also, we are for this the world.


8For indeed being ransomed is by grace through the faith, and that not of yourselves; of a God this gift, 9not of works, lest anyone should boast. 10For we are a workmanship, having been created for Christ Jesus unto good works, which the God had before prepared that we should walk in them. 11Therefore, make mention that you the Gentiles in time past concerning lineage, the ones being called Uncircumcision by the being called Circumcision of man-made origin, 12that you were at that time devoid of a benefit, having been alienated from the people of the Israel and strangers of the covenants of the promises, having no hope and unbelievers in the world.

 13But now being of Jesus Christ you the ones then being aliens became near by the blood of the Christ, 14for He is the peace of us, the One having made the two one and the same and the barrier the parting fence having destroyed, the alienation, by the body of Him 15having brought to an end a pursuing of the decrees of the law, that He could of the two create for Himself one new being making harmony 16even hath reconciled both the parties to the God by way of the crucifixion, having slain the alienation toward Himself.

        17And He came and proclaimed glad peace tidings to you the ones far off and the near, 18since by Him we both have the access by the same spirit unto the Father. 19Now therefore you are no longer strangers even temporary residents, but fellow citizens of the saints and family members of the God, 20having been built upon the foundation of apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ Himself being a cornerstone, 21by whom every building being fitly framed together grows into a dwelling a dedicated sanctuary for a Lord, 22by whom you also are being built together unto a dwelling place of the God as to spirit.


Chapter 3

The mystery of Godliness: A God revealed in human form; people believed in Him; He was taken up to glory


1On account of this reason I Paul the prisoner of the Christ Jesus on behalf of you the Gentiles, 2since you have paid attention to the advancing of the gracious dealing of the God which having been given me towards you, 3that by a revelation He made known to me the mystery, inasmuch as I wrote in brief, 4by the reading you will be able to have understood my understanding of the mystery of the Christ,  5which in other times was not made known to the sons of the men as is now revealed to the holy apostles and the prophets of Him by a spirit, 6that the Gentiles can be coheirs and fellow-members of a body and joint-partaker of the promise of Him by the Christ by means of the gospel, 7of which I was made a servant according to the gift of the grace of the God being given to me according to the operation of the power of Him.

8To me the least of all saints was given the pleasing circumstance to preach this to the Gentiles, the incomprehensible blessings of the Christ 9and to have made known in all respects what the mystery of the management of the family unit which having been withheld since the eternity by the God, the One having created all events by Jesus Christ, 10in order that it has been made known now to the rulers and to the authoritarians in the heavenlies by the church the never-ending wisdom of the God, 11according to an agreement of the aeons which He achieved by the Christ Jesus the Lord of us, 12by Whom we have the attendance and the access with confidence by the faith of Him. 13For this reason I pray not to be despaired at the distressing circumstances of mine as your representative, it is in acknowledgement of you.  


Prayer for Spiritual Strength: That He may give you the spirit of wisdom and revelation


14On account of this bending the knees of me to the Father of the Lord Jesus Christ of us, 15from whom every family in the heavens and upon earth is known, 16in order that He had granted you, in proportion to the abundant blessings of the grandeur of Him to have been strengthened to effectiveness by the indwelling influence of Him with reference to the inner being, 17that the Christ through faith had dwelt in the hearts of you, having been firmly rooted by love and having been unwavering, 18that you had been fully able to grasp with all the saints what the breadth and length and depth and height, 19to have understood even the surpassing facts of the love of the Christ, even you who are completely filled as to the influence of the God.

20Now to the One being able to do much more than all we can ask or desire, according to the power that is working among us, 21the glory to Him by the church and by Christ Jesus unto all the generations of the age of the ages. Amen


Chapter 4

Unity in the body of Christ: When Adam ate of the forbidden fruit, we were all doomed being in him when he ate.


            1I then the prisoner for a Lord urge you worthily to walk as to the calling of which you were invited 2with all modesty and forbearance, with patient anticipation, supporting each other in love, 3endeavouring to maintain the unity of the spirit by the bond of the peace.


            4One body and one spirit, as also you were called by the call of you unto one hope; 5one Lord, one faith, one baptism; 6one God even a Father of all, the One over all and amongst all, and in all of you, 7but to each one of us was given the gift according to the portion of the endowment of the Christ.


        8On which account it states, “Having risen unto celebrity, He led captivity captive and He gave gifts to the people. 9Now this He ascended what it is if not that He also first descended into the lower parts of the earth? 10The One having descended He is also the One having ascended abundantly above all of the heavens, in order that all the things could have been fulfilled.


            11And He appointed some apostles, also some prophets, also some evangelists, also some shepherds and teachers, 11for the capableness of the saints with a view to a deed of service, in order to build up the body of the Christ, 13until we have all come to the unison of the faith and the knowledge of the Son of the God, to a mature adulthood, unto a perfect model of the maturity of the Christ, 14that we may no longer be infants, being tossed to and fro and being carried around by every wind of the belief, by that of the human deceptiveness, by craftiness so as to the cunning behaviour of the deception, 15rather maintaining truthfulness by devotedness become adults in all respects for the service of Him, He who is the head, the Christ, 16of Whom the entire body being fitly framed together and being united together by the help of every joint and action been allotted of each individual joint the growth of the body to perfect it a building for themselves by love. 


The New Life: Adam’s spirit became sin-contaminated and, we, his descendants, are all in need of a holy spirit


        17For this reason, I say and witness for a Master, no longer you to walk, according also as the rest of nations walk in religious error of the belief of them, 18having been shrouded in darkness with regard to the intellect, having been distanced of the life of the God by the ignorance that being present in them on account of the hardness of the heart of them, 19who, having given up hope, they gave themselves over to scandals behaviour to do all kind of uncleanliness for gain.                                                          


            20But that is not the way you came to know the Christ, 21if indeed you have heard and were instructed by Him, inasmuch as truth is of the Jesus, 22you have set aside concerning the former mode of life the old nature the being corrupt according to the impure desires of the deception, 23now be renewed by the spirit of the mind of you, 24even have clothed the old nature which after having been created in a likeness of a God, by justification and to holiness and of the love of truth. 25now having died to the lie let us each speak truth with the neighbour of him/her, since we are each members of a body.


        26Be angry but do not sin; do not let the sun set upon the cause to your anger, 27neither give an opportunity to the Accuser. 28Let the one stealing no longer steal, yea rather let him work hard doing the good by the hands, in order that he may have something to give to the one having need.


        29Let not any impure word proceed from the mouth of you unless perhaps it be profitable for instruction of the needs, that it may have given grace to the ones listening. 30Also do not grieve the spirit the holy of the God, by whom you have been safeguarded until a day of salvation. 31All hostility and anger and rage and complaining and blasphemy be removed from you as well as all hatred; 32on the other hand be kind to one another, tender-hearted, forgiving each other, even as also the God by means of Christ forgave us.



Chapter 5


Walk in Love: Always ready to forgive


        1Now then be ye imitators of the God like as children worthy of love, 2and walk as to love, in the manner that the Christ loved us and handed Himself over instead of us a victim offered even a thing sacrificed to the God with a view to an odour of sweet fragrance. 3On the other hand, fornication and all impurity or unbridled lust not even mentioned among you, as is fitting among saints, 4neither unbecoming nor foolish talk or buffoonery, which are not becoming, but rather thankfulness.   


        5For ye have been realising this, that every fornicator or impure or greedy, who is an idolater, has not a heritage in the kingdom of the Christ also of a God. 6Let no one mislead you with foolish arguments, for because of these things comes the wrath of the God upon the children of the disobedience, 7be therefore not a partaker of them.


        8For weren’t you how long darkness, but now enlightenment because of a Deity; walk as children of light— 9for the fruit of the mind is in all matters goodness and kindness and truth, 10demonstrating what is well-pleasing to the Lord. 11Also have no fellowship with the works those without fruit of the darkness, but rather expose them, 12for the secret things being done by them shameful it is even to speak of, 13but all the things being uncovered by the enlightenment; is set in a clear light.


            14Hence it is said, “Wakeup sleeping one, even raised out of the death, and the Christ will enlighten you.” 15Take heed then in what manner you walk, not as unwise ones, rather as wise ones. 16Making good use of the limited time, seeing that the days are evil. 17Because of this be not unenlightened, rather understanding clearly the purpose of the Lord. 18Also be not overindulged in wine, in which is wastefulness, but be infused by a spirit, 19reciting to yourselves psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in the heart of you to the Lord, 20giving thanks at all times concerning all things in the name of the Lord of us Jesus Christ to the God even a Father 21submitting to others in reverence of a Lord.


Wives and Husbands


        22The wives to their own husbands be submissive! as to the Lord, 23because the husband is a head of the wife, as also the Christ a head of the church, and He is a protector of the body, 24nonetheless just as the church is submissive to the Christ, so also the wives to their own husbands in all respects.


        25“The husbands, love the wives of yours, inasmuch as the Christ also loved the church and gave Himself on behalf of it, 26so that He might have sanctified having cleansed by the bath of the water by a saying, 27‘That He might display it for Himself the glorious assembling, not having a spot or a wrinkle or any such like thing, not only those things so that it be holy and unblemished.’”


        28So ought the husbands to delight in the wives of them as if it were the bodies of themselves. The one delighting in the wife of him loves himself; 29for, at what time did one ever hate the body of himself, much rather to nourish and cherish it, even as also the Lord the church; 30seeing that members we are of the body of Him, of his genetic material even of the bone material of Him.


            31And, for this reason, shall a man without assistance of the father of him even the mother of him and shall cleave closely to the wife of him, and the two shall be unto a well-defined lineage. 32The secret meaning of this is great, nevertheless I speak with reference to Christ and as to the church.


            33Be that as it may also the each one of you the wife of himself in like manner value as himself, on the other hand that the wife be guided by the husband.


Chapter 6


The Christian household is the spiritual gymnasium preparing one fit for heavens protocol


        1“The children be submissive to the parents of you as to a Jehovah, for this is praiseworthiness. 2Honour the father of you and the mother, which is a very important command with a promise, 3that it may be ‘well done!’ to you and you may live long upon the surface of earth.”


            4“Also,” the fathers, “anger not the children of yours, on the contrary nurture them by a chastisement and cautiousness of a divine being.”


        5The servants! be submissive to the masters according to flesh with respect and reverence with sincerity of the heart of you as unto the Christ, 6not only when watched like as desirous to please men, but as servants of the Christ, doing the will of the God out of a warm adoration, 7with kindliness rendering service as to the Lord and not as to men, 8knowing that whatsoever good thing somebody does, the same that one will receive from the Lord, whether a servant whether a free one.


            9“And,” the masters, “do the same to them, ceasing the intimidation, knowing that of you also the same Lord He is in heavens, and with Him there is no favouritism.”


The Whole Armour of God


        10The rest, siblings of me, make known your enthusiasm for a Lord even by the power of the powerfulness of Him. 11Be fully clad with the complete armour suit of the God for you to have the ability to endure against the deceptions of the Devil, 12seeing that the conflict of us is not against relatives and human characteristic, but against the authorities, against the dictators, against the unbelieving and un-godly rulers of the darkness of this age, against the spiritualties of the evil character of the heavenlies. 13On account of this take up the complete armour suit of the God, that you will be able to resist the time of the wickedness and having endured to remain a victor.


        14Now then stand having fastened the belt of truth around the waist of yours, even having been clothed with the breastplate of the righteousness, 15and having shoes on the feet in readiness of the glad tiding of ‘the great joy’, 16above all having taken up the shield of the faith, by which you will be able all the arrows of the wickedness those having been set on fire to put out; 17and the helmet of the reported salvation take, even the sword of the spirit, which is a proverb of a Deity, 18during all prayer opportunities and supplication, offering prayers at every occasion as spirits lead, and at the same time being watchful with all dedication and plea concerning all the saints, 19and concerning me, that to me a word may be given with an opening of the mouth of me, with confidence to announce the till now kept mystery of the glad tiding of ‘the great joy’, 20for which a representative with a chain, that in it I may speak confidently as it behoves me to speak.


Final Greetings


        21Now that you also may know the circumstances concerning me, the conflicts, Tychicus the beloved brother and faithful minister for a Jehovah will in all respects make known to you, 22whom I send to you for this very purpose, that you may know the things about us and that he may comfort the hearts of you.

        23Peace to the siblings and love together with a firm belief from Father God and of a Jehovah Jesus Christ. 24The blessing to all the ones loving the Lord Jesus Christ of us with sincerity. So be it.


To the Ephesians written from Rome, by Tychicus.

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